About the conference

The XB-CON International Conference 2023 is thematically focused on business services (e.g. Business, Tourism), innovation and quality of service, marketing and business management, the non-profit sector, Industry 4.0 and sustainable development is also a new phenomenon in terms of management and business economy. All topics are researched in a cross-border context.

XB-CON is a thematic follow-up to previous years and a series of successful conferences organized as part of the cross-border project "Czech-Saxon University Initiative" and "Czech-Bavarian grant area trading up - empiricism and measures.“ The main objectives of the conference are to contribute to the development of cross-border cooperation between scientists and PhD students, to support their publication activities and to monitor current practice requirements.

The past 5 years of the conference on business economics in cross-border comparison were positively evaluated in the conference evaluation. Proceedings were included in the Web of Science database, which we would like to follow up again this year.

The conference is for: academics and scientists, business representatives, Master’s degree and PhD students and others dealing with the Czech-German border areas from the perspective of business economics.

The purpose of the conference:

Conference Program:

Conference Program: download [PDF]